Are Mouthguards Safe for Kids?

Feb 01, 2022

Children at home or school are involved in plenty of playing activities besides sports and are likely to fall and injure their mouths. An impact to the mouth can leave them with soft tissue injuries like cutting open their lips, cheeks, or tongue or even breaking or knocking out their teeth. While keeping children away from sporting activities or playing is challenging, getting them to wear customized mouthguards safeguards their oral cavity from injuries that may leave them with permanent damages.

Mouthguards are not challenging to purchase and are readily available in sports goods stores or drugstores. However, if you need a mouthguard fitting correctly in your child’s mouth and providing maximum protection, you must look for a kid’s dentist near you to customize the dental appliance for your child. Do not consider mouthguards from dentists another gimmick to promote dental services. Dentists create the dental appliance explicitly for your child’s mouth using high-grade dental materials after taking measurements of your child’s mouth to make them. Customized mouthguards are a tad expensive, but they are worth the investment because they provide maximum protection without slipping or dislodging when involved in sporting activities.

What are the Benefits of Mouthguards?

If your child has developed all permanent teeth getting a tooth knocked out during sporting activities requires replacement solutions at considerable prices merely because they didn’t have a protective barrier over their teeth. A tooth fracture extending below the gum line also needs immediate treatment from an emergency dentist to seal the fracture and prevent additional damages from occurring. If the sporting incident caused a primary tooth of your younger kid to get pushed into the gums, it indicates that the injury can hamper the permanent tooth from emerging correctly. Customized mouthguards can prevent all the above from occurring to leave you stress-free whenever your kid is out playing sports with their schoolmates or other friends. Don’t you think investing in a dental appliance saves you plenty of unnecessary expenditure?

Why Must You Invest in Customized Mouthguards from Dentists?

While you can purchase inexpensive stock mouthguards over-the-counter, it helps if you understand these appliances are made with the general public in mind and are not customized for any specific individual. In addition, stock mouthguards are available in sizes-small, medium, and large. What if a small stock mouthguard is too large for your child and a medium is extra-large? In such cases, you can either allow your child to play without mouthguards or consider taking them to the pediatric dental office in Lancaster to evaluate their mouths for a custom-made appliance.

Mouthguards in Lancaster, SC, are frequented by many parents with their children to have customized dental appliances for their mouths to prevent unexpected injuries that may, in some cases, leave permanent damages in your child’s mouth. When you visit the dental practice with your kid, you realize the cost of replacing a permanent tooth is way higher than protecting it using a customized mouthguard.

Are there any alternatives to mouthguards customized by dentists other than stock mouthguards? If you are still concerned about the higher prices of customized mouthguards, you can try the boil and bite mouthguard, which you can purchase from drugstores. You must place them in hot water and shape the appliance to fit your child’s mouth. You can consider it a temporary alternative until you have one created by Dr. Sylvester AduBoahene to prevent dental trauma from occurring to primary and permanent teeth.

Customized mouthguards created by dentists are available in the color of choice of your kid, and dentists are creative enough to put logos and mascots on the mouthguard to make them appealing to your kid. They can also create flavored mouthguards to encourage your child to use the appliance whenever they engage in any sporting activity.

Mouthguards for children are undoubtedly safe because they help protect against dental trauma and injuries to prevent unnecessary visits to emergency dentists for treatments by safeguarding their oral cavities. Dentist-created mouthguards are not challenging to maintain because the professionals provide instructions on using the dental appliance and store it when not in use. They also teach your child the optimal way to clean their teeth and mouth and the mouthguard before wearing them. Dentists recommend that the mouthguard for your child also requires six-month exams to ensure they fit correctly and are not damaged. However, there is no reason to doubt the veracity as they are excellent appliances to safeguard your child’s oral cavities.

If your child needs mouthguards to protect their oral cavity, please schedule an appointment with Kids First Dental — Lancaster to get them customized mouthguards.

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