Sedation Dentistry in Lancaster, SC

Sometimes, children require extensive procedures or have special needs, such as anxiety. Even routine procedures may require special care with nitrous oxide administration. Nitrous oxide is often depicted by the media as a “laughing gas,” but in fact it is gentle, calming, and completely safe. We do our very best to try and avoid the use of sedation with nitrous oxide, but sometimes this is the best way for us to treat your child and provide the best outcome.

If so, you should understand why we use nitrous oxide and how it is administered. We will carefully and thoroughly go through the process with you and your child in a personal consultation, but we will also review the basics here.

What Happens during the Administration of Nitrous Oxide?

Sedation with nitrous oxide is routine, common, simple, and very effective. If it has been determined that the use of nitrous oxide, sometimes called laughing gas, is in fact necessary, you should expect the following:

  • Kids First Dental reviews all relevant medical history so our administration of nitrous oxide is fully safe
  • Nitrous oxide does not provoke wild reactions like you see in movies, but rather a sleepy, warm feeling
  • The process is very fast, and you are encouraged to stay with your child while nitrous oxide is administered
  • Because we continuously administer nitrous oxide, there is no chance of your child suddenly “waking up”
  • Your child’s vitals—heart rate, blood pressure–will be closely monitored
  • After nitrous oxide administration, you will be taken to the waiting room

Comforting Your Child

While perfectly safe, we’re prepared for children to be afraid. Parents are also concerned about their child’s safety and fears during nitrous oxide administration. You are welcome and encouraged to be present to comfort your child while we administer nitrous oxide. Please, feel free to interact with your child, bring a favorite stuffed toy or their blankie for comfort.

After the Procedure is Finished

There are some common after-effects of nitrous oxide. Your child’s reaction is not easy to predict, and so you should be prepared for all possible reactions. Your child’s lips and mouth may be numb for half an hour. Their mouth is likely to be sore at the site of the specific surgery performed. The most common reaction is dizziness and lethargy lasting for up to two hours.

Watch their food and drink consumption. For best safety practices, provide soft foods at first. After this, follow the specific directions on feeding relevant to the procedure performed.

Plan to remove your child from daycare or school for a full day. Children typically recover very quickly, but their performance and concentration may be affected even into the following day.

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