Hospital Dentistry in Lancaster, SC

We do our best to provide preventative care, to ensure that difficult cases do not develop where children require a lot of dental work. Sometimes, however, there is no avoiding hospital dentistry. This may because of the length of the procedures required, or because your child has special needs, anxiety issues, or other reasons that make anesthesia a good choice.

Everyone may experience some fear and anxiety, with young children being especially vulnerable. Particularly, children below the age of 6, have a difficult time understanding the procedures we perform. Rest assured, we utilize the most empathic care with the most understanding and patient staff in the trade. Anesthesia is a way to make the process more comfortable, but however, the procedure itself can also generate anxiety. We approach it with this in mind and know you have a lot of questions, too.

What Happens During Hospital Dentistry?

An anesthesiologist, who specializes in anesthesia, will administer general anesthesia. This general anesthesia keeps your child unconscious for the duration of the entire procedure. They will wake up without any memory of the procedure. While it is completely safe and has been practiced for a very, very long time, being aware of the following will help prepare you:

  • Kids First Dental fully reviews medical history to ensure the best administration of anesthesia
  • When the anesthesia is being delivered, we encourage you to stay with and comfort your child
  • Continuous administration of intravenous sedation will keep your child unconscious—they will not “wake up” until the procedure is finished
  • Blood pressure, heart rate, and all other vitals are carefully monitored
  • So that we can finish the surgery as quickly and safely as possible, you will be asked to wait in the waiting room after your child is asleep

Comforting Your Child

Parents possess a unique ability to soothe their children. Adult fears and unease are easily wrongly interpreted by children as a sign of “something wrong.” Try to stay brave and calm so your child can tap into this strength as well. We know it’s difficult, but we will provide children and adults with as much support as we can. Please interact with them: talk, hold them, and bring a favorite toy or their blankie.

It’s impossible to predict exactly how your child will react. While practicing the most compassionate and soothing care, it is our job to make sure they are safe. So if your child does have a very negative reaction, please allow us to exercise our experience. If we politely ask for you to leave the operating room, we do so only out of concern for our ability to perform our jobs safely and efficiently. Sufficient focus must be on providing safe care to your child foremost.

After the Procedure is Finished

Administering anesthesia is safe and routine, you may notice effects once your child wakes up. Lips, nose, and throat are commonly numb for 30 to 45 minutes. Their throat may be sore and last two days. The surgery site is likely to be sore. Dizziness and vomiting are not always symptoms, but they are sometimes experienced upon waking up. Please carefully administer any food and drink afterward, and only give soft foods in the next few days (we’ll provide more detailed directions depending on the procedure).

Don’t take your child to school or daycare for the first day. Be aware that minor effects, such as lethargy, may persist for up to two days. Thus, make plans for two full days of recuperation if necessary.

Kids First Dental Promotions and Advantages

It’s our philosophy to provide the most exceptional dental care to children and adults, which is why:

  • We treat both children and all adults in Lancaster, SC, so your entire family can receive only the best.
  • We are fluent in Spanish and English.
  • We maintain a loyalty program for keeping oral health great long-term.
  • We offer a $150 special for an exam, cleaning, fluoride varnish, bitewing (cavity-detecting x-ray).
  • We happily take Medicaid along with major commercial insurance.

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