Dental Fillings in Lancaster, SC

Having a cavity filled is something that none of us look forward to having done even though the procedure is relatively minor. It is to repair decay in a tooth or teeth and repair minor fractures. The dental filling itself can be helpful in evening out the surface of a tooth and will improve the functioning of the jaw for chewing and biting.

Many patients that have tooth decay also suffer from tooth sensitivity because of loss of enamel, and this will be improved by placing a filling.

Consult our dentist and plan the way ahead

The dentist at Kids First Dental in Lancaster will inspect your teeth before deciding on the best route of action to take for you. A dental filling would be the best for a minor fracture or decay, but for severe cases, restorative dental treatments like an implant or crown might be necessary.

Your dentist at Kids First Dental here in Lancaster will check your teeth by using a dental probe and cavities detecting any liquid so they can investigate problem areas. An x-ray might be used too so the dentist at Kids First Dental can determine a more precise plan of action after he can define the location and how severe the decay is in the tooth.

Process of Dental Fillings near you

The first thing that will be done is the dentist will administer a local numbing agent so there will be no feeling around the affected tooth, helping to increase the comfort for the patient through the procedure.

The next step will be for the dentist to prepare the damaged or decayed tooth and the surrounding area for restoration. A dental laser or hand-piece might be used to get rid of the damaged pieces of the tooth. Then an acid gel is applied to clean the area and remove any bacteria that is remaining or any debris. The filling material is then taken and placed in the cavity to fill it.

If your dentist uses a composite for a filling it will require the isolation of the affected tooth; it aims to keep away any moisture in the bonding process in the composite restoration. When the composite is used, different adhesives are placed before the composite is put into the cavity. This composite material is then hardened by using a special bonding light.

Lastly, the tooth is polished to finish the filling process.

Follow-up appointments every six months are required to check the progress of the tooth with the filling and for regular professional cleanings.

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