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Many families with children believe orthodontics is primarily or even solely concerned with the appearance of one’s smile. While that is a common focus for orthodontics, there are many reasons to take orthodontics into consideration, even in early childhood.

By addressing concerns early on, the need for future treatment, including surgery, is greatly reduced. Additionally, it can save thousands towards pricier adult orthodontics down the road.

What is the best time for childhood orthodontics?

Traditionally, orthodontic treatment was prescribed around the start of a child’s teen years, and this is when most patients expect to encounter orthodontics. At this time, most of your child’s adult teeth have grown in. It was once thought the child’s teeth were more malleable at this time. New research now shows much greater results with earlier preventative treatment beginning as young as six.

When should my children visit the dentist for orthodontics?

Do not wait for a concern to develop. Even if you have not noticed any apparent issues, you should take your child to the dentist within the first six months of their first baby tooth erupting. It is at this stage that even issues that will not require immediate treatment can be assessed. This will provide you the ability to plan for treatment down the road, if necessary.

By finding these concerns early, less treatment will be needed in the long run. An early visit to Kids First Dental in Lancaster, South Carolina can help you apply those funds to your child’s future college education, for example, rather than expensive young adult treatments.

Are all orthodontic dentists the same?

It is important to ensure your family has the best orthodontic care by selecting an orthodontist with advanced technology. For example, Kids First Dental in Lancaster, South Carolina utilizes technology based on its effectiveness and comfort. We routinely check for the most recent updates in orthodontic medicine.

Additionally, an orthodontist for whom service is a priority and has a convenient location will ensure you’ll be able to fit orthodontics into your already busy life. Orthodontics can require routine visits to the dentist, and so we want you and your child to have easy access to our Lancaster office, as well as enjoy your visit. Having installed many patient amenities, including an arcade room for kids, we hope that the routine visits will be much more comfortable.

Kids First Dental Promotions and Advantages

You may have endless choices for your care, but finding a provider who is as concerned about your health as you are is not easy. While all providers offer some forms of dental solutions, we know dentistry is about more than just the procedures themselves, and it requires a blend of top-notch service, empathic human touch, and the best available technology.

The absolute best in orthodontic and routine care is a goal we’re constantly attempting to better, and so, we want you to you know:

  • We provide services to adults as well as children in Lancaster, SC so the entire family can enjoy our care.
  • Spanish and English are both fluently spoken at our office.
  • We have a loyalty program for long-term care.
  • We offer a $150 special package featuring exam, cleaning, fluoride varnish, bitewing (cavity-detecting x-ray).
  • We accept both Medicaid and most commercially-available insurance.

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