Habit Correction Appliances in Lancaster, SC

Does your child still have a habit of sucking their thumb or even pacifier? Wondering what kind of impact that can have on their smile and overall oral health? At Kids First Dental we understand how common bad habits can be and are proud to offer habit correction appliances in Lancaster, South Carolina for parents that are interested in helping their child kick their bad habit for good.

Why Habit Correction Appliances?

Although pacifier and thumb sucking is common among young children, it should begin to decrease around age 3-4, completely stopping about age 5. Many children with anxiety, however, have a difficult time ditching these habits, often causing stress for the parent. Bad habits such as thumb sucking and pacifier use can have a big impact on the appearance, health and even function of your child’s smile, reducing their ability to bite properly, chew, eat and even speak. Prolonged thumb sucking can even impact the appearance of your child’s face and their ability to breath properly.

About Our Bad Habit Appliances

At Kids First Dental we are proud to offer bad habit appliances in Lancaster. Our habit appliances are a dental appliance which is attached to your child’s smile discreetly. The habit appliances adjust the position of the tongue and can even prevent your child from being able to suck their thumb or pacifier comfortably. Many parents report that their child improves within the first day of wear.

Benefits of Habit Correction Treatment

When it comes to kicking bad habits such as thumb sucking, our habit correction treatment has many benefits, which include its affordability, effectiveness, and discreetness. Schedule your child’s appointment today.

Get Lancaster Habit Appliances Today

Ready to help your child kick their thumb or pacifier sucking habit for good? Contact Kids First Dental today to schedule a consultation, we are always welcoming new smiles at our dental practice and would be happy to get your little one on our schedule. We can evaluate your child’s smile, overall oral health and discuss their habits to determine if a habit appliance in Lancaster is the right option.

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