Tooth Extractions in Lancaster, SC

While extractions can be frightening to adults and children alike, sometimes they’re the best option for preventing worse conditions for your oral health. Extractions can be especially scary for children, so you need to have access to sensitive, empathic care. Kids First Dental in Lancaster, South Carolina prides itself in being the most kid-friendly and family-family environment available to you for all your dental needs, including extractions.

Why are Teeth Extracted?

While we seek to avoid extractions, there are many reasons they may be necessary. Tooth decay tops the list, which is a risk for children and adults alike. Even if your child still has their baby teeth, they may develop tooth decay. At the first sign of a problem, you should take fast action with your dentist to prevent further concerns. Extraction may be the best option.

An injury may also be a factor leading to extraction. We will make the decision to perform extractions based on what is ideal for your child’s health and future. We factor in the immediate concerns surrounding an extraction, as well as the long-term orthodontic impacts. The reason it’s important to consider the future is that adult teeth follow the “blueprint” set by baby teeth.

Extractions are Followed by Space Maintenance

If an extraction is necessary, the following step is to fill the space left by the extracted tooth. This practice is called space maintenance. We strive to maintain the proper positioning of your child’s surrounding teeth so that they do not begin to shift into the resultant gap. This can lead to future orthodontic concerns. This practice involves a number of different devices designed to ensure optimum health as well as the aesthetic of your child’s smile.

Your Child and Extractions

As a parent, you know extractions are a concern for you and will be frightening to your child. Our doctors and staff are hand-selected for their ability to provide the best, most sensitive care to our patients’ children. When an extraction is necessary, we are prepared for the emotional process that accompanies the procedure. Don’t settle for less.

Kids First Dental Promotions and Advantages

We are proud to uphold our reputation as the best in adult and childhood care, which is why we:

  • Treat both children and adults in Lancaster, SC, so both can get comfortable with our office
  • Speak Spanish as well as English
  • Offer a loyalty program to incentivize excellent oral health
  • Run a $150 exam, cleaning, fluoride varnish, bitewing (cavity-detecting x-ray) promotional special
  • Accept Medicaid and most major commercial insurance

We will keep you and your child happy, healthy, and free from fear with our 10 years of dental experience and the absolute best technology and amenities.

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