Preventive Dentistry in Lancaster, SC

The best dental care available to both children and adults is the application of strong preventive dentistry. This is because preventive dentistry is judiciously planned to prevent the most time-consuming, feared, and costly procedures. With correct preventive dentistry, procedures such as orthodontic applications, extractions, root canals, and even your aesthetic concerns like whitening may be unnecessary.

Since children are still developing their teeth, preventive dentistry is particularly important at their young age. Appropriate dentistry from early childhood on is crucial for children. Choosing the most effective pediatric dentist, who practices the most empathic care, ensures the best oral health and development of great lifetime habits.

The Importance of Primary Teeth

Even though your child’s primary teeth, sometimes called “baby teeth,” eventually do fall out, they will provide an important blueprint for the permanent teeth, or “adult teeth.” Complications with your child’s primary teeth lead to the need for costly orthodontic procedures later in life. Not only that, but tooth decay can be exceptionally painful, leads to infections, and may seriously affect the entire, whole-body health of a child. And having bad dental experiences in childhood can lead to the development of anxiety towards dentistry that can last for life.

Fluoride Treatment

While fluoride is in many retail products, a dentist may use stronger fluoride treatments not available in over the counter. Fluoride is one of the best tools for prevention, strengthening your child’s enamel and servings as a shield against oral diseases. Professional fluoride treatments are many times stronger than what you get from fluoride-infused toothpaste and mouthwashes.

We select the best formulations available, ensuring the strongest teeth possible, and the strongest resistance against disease.

Experiences Last a Lifetime

Letting problems worsen without intervention in your child’s dental health is the absolute worst decision you can make. Not only will your child experience unnecessary pain, but their problems develop into more grave and painful concerns. Without treating concerns early and practicing ideal preventive dentistry, your child will associate pain with dental care.

Instead, by taking a position of leadership and insisting your child have access to consistent dental care, you set a firm example for your child of how crucial dental care truly is. If you start early, your child will develop great habits for life.

Kids First Dental Promotions and Advantages

It’s our mission statement to promote the best preventive dental care to both children and adults, which is why:

  • We happily treat both children and adults in Lancaster, SC, so everyone can receive the best care.
  • We provide care in fluent Spanish and English.
  • We have a great loyalty program to promote lifelong care.
  • We have a $150 special package with exam, cleaning, fluoride varnish, bitewing (cavity-detecting x-ray).
  • We accept Medicaid and most major commercial insurance.

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