“Baby teeth,” as they are sometimes called, primary teeth will eventually fall out. For this reason, it’s tempting for some parents to think their health is less important. After all, if primary teeth fall out, how bad can any problems really be? But in reality, primary teeth are extremely important for the proper development of adult teeth.

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Primary teeth need proper professional as well as home dental care. Primary teeth are just as vulnerable to decay as adult teeth, and the reality that they fall out eventually does not make this an acceptable risk. It’s imperative you make an appointment to see a dentist at Kids First Dental within the six months of your child’s very first primary tooth erupting.

What Do Primary Teeth Do?

Many people think of teeth as having little purpose beyond chewing. Especially with children’s primary teeth, it can be confusing as to why they exist, and why they call out. In fact, these teeth serve many purposes when healthy, such as:

  • Encouraging proper chewing
  • Developing speech
  • Promoting self-esteem with a beautiful smile
  • Keeping the focus on learning instead of painful dental problems
  • Acting as a blueprint for permanent teeth

What Happens If Permanent Teeth Aren’t Properly Cared For?

Teeth at any stage of a person’s life are prone to cavities. This can result in intense pain, but more so infections can quickly follow and lead to advanced tooth decay. Infections can rapidly infect the bloodstream and spread through the body. Immune systems not fully developed and are substantially weaker in children, so please exercise swift action as soon as you think anything is wrong.

The dentist may decide a tooth will need to be removed. If so, following an extraction, a space maintainer is used to fill the space left behind from an extraction. Space maintainers keep your child’s adjacent teeth from shifting into the empty space. Shifting teeth lead to a host of orthodontic problems.

The Example You Set Is Important

While we hope we’ve spelled out the gravity of preventative care for primary teeth, there is another important reason to visit a dentist frequently: you are leading by example in the eyes of your child. Excellent hygiene and dental visits are learned. Make a great influence on your children by taking a strong lead.

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Whether you have concerns about your child’s primary teeth, or any other dental question, timing is key. We prefer prevention to keep you healthy, rather than treat problems. So don’t delay, and make an appointment with Kids First Dental in Lancaster, South Carolina today!

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