Caring for Your Dental Fillings: Tips for Maintaining Oral Health and Preventing Further Decay

Jun 01, 2023

Children with tooth decay and cavities receive tooth-colored composite fillers to restore their teeth from further decay or damage. Currently, composite fillers are more durable and robust than earlier. However, how long they last hinges on the care they receive from the patient.

In this article, the pediatric dentist near shares tips for dental patients on caring for dental fillings to ensure they last as long as possible. If your child has received dental fillers from the pediatric dentist, kindly get them to follow the below-mentioned tips.

Here Are Some Suggestions to care for Your Dental Fillings

  • Practice Good Oral Hygiene : Children develop tooth decay primarily because they favor sugary and carbohydrate-rich foods and beverages and are not diligent with dental hygiene practices. Dental fillers help restore permanent damage in a tooth without converting it to its natural condition. Therefore after getting a filling placed, your child needs to take steps and practice good oral hygiene, brushing their teeth twice daily with fluoride toothpaste and flossing once without exceptions to keep the fillers robust and healthy.
  • Avoid Hard and Sticky Foods : Sticky foods can remain trapped in the teeth to cause further decay, and hard foods can damage the composite resin material filling the tooth. Therefore children are better refrained from using sticky and hard foods to prevent damaging the fillers and encouraging additional decay in the treated tooth.
  • Schedule Regular Dental Checkups : regular dental checkups are also essential for cleanings and exams because they help the dentist examine the fillers to determine whether they are healthy and functional. If a filling has cracked or leaks, the dentist near you will recommend replacing it immediately before the condition aggravates.
  • Watch for Signs of Wear or Damage : you can check your child’s tooth affected by cavities for signs of damage to the composite fillings. In such cases, your child will experience tooth sensitivity or notice parts of the filling missing. Cracks on the filling may also appear to indicate they need replacements making a visit to the dentist in Lancaster, SC, essential.
  • Consider a Mouthguard : if your child grinds and clenches their teeth when sleeping, consider getting them a customized night guard to prevent damage to the fillers and the natural teeth. Teeth grinding causes enamel erosion to weaken the teeth making them more prone to tooth decay or other harm that may require similar remedies to bond their teeth to ensure it doesn’t impact their smile.
  • Choose Tooth-Friendly Products : when choosing products to maintain the dental fillings in optimal shape, it helps to select tooth-friendly products from the dental care aisle at the local drugstore. Look for products authenticated by the American Dental Association with a seal of acceptance. The product confirms that you can trust the claims made on the packaging. Do not consider hard-bristled toothbrushes for your child, favoring a soft-bristled variety instead to prevent harsh scrubbing. Choose a toothpaste containing fluoride that helps strengthen tooth enamel to prevent decay. Ask the Lancaster dentist for recommendations on the appropriate toothpaste to use for your specific oral health needs. Dental floss is also essential for healthy teeth. Flossing helps remove food particles trapped between teeth that your toothbrush cannot remove. Also, consider using mouthwash to tackle various dental issues. Children with challenges brushing and flossing receive help from mouthwash as an additional protection against cavities and gum disease.
  • Eat a Healthy Diet : While getting dental fillings in Lancaster, SC, to fill cavities is not challenging, it helps if you fortify your teeth by eating a healthy diet. A healthy diet includes limiting or avoiding sugary and starchy foods, sports drinks, and carbonated beverages, replacing them with foods and drinks rich in minerals and vitamins to strengthen teeth.

Children or adults with cavities in their teeth benefit from dental fillings near you that help restore them to prevent further damage. However, the fillings need appropriate care to ensure they remain in the tooth for as long as possible to ensure they don’t get damaged or leak to need faster replacements or repairs. In addition, after getting dental fillings, your child must maintain excellent dental hygiene using the tips mentioned in this article to prevent further decay and damage to their teeth and smile.

If your child has received dental fillings from Kids First Dental — Lancaster, expect the dentist to advise caring for the fillings to ensure their longevity. Get your child dental fillings from them if required, with guidance on managing the fillings appropriately.

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