Oct 01, 2021

A cracked, broken or chipped tooth can cause a lot of problems including low self-esteem and dental health issues. However, there are ways in which you can restore your teeth without too much stress. Ever heard about dental fillings in Lancaster, SC?

Teeth fillings or dental fillings are dental accessories that are cemented on a chipped, cracked, or broken tooth that might have been caused by an accident or other reasons. They are used to fill the part of the teeth that have been damaged. They are also under restorative dentistry, the part of dentistry that focuses on restoring or rebuilding a damaged tooth.

Teeth fillings are also used to fill up teeth that have been damaged due to tooth decay. A person could develop tooth decay or cavities due to reasons like bad dental hygiene, unhealthy food plan, lifestyle habits (smoking and drinking of alcohol), and other reasons. However, untreated tooth decay can lead to severe dental troubles. Dental fillings are more effective for small teeth cavities. When the cavities become bigger, your dentist might recommend other restorative dental procedures that can restore your teeth.

Also, the good news is that children can also get dental fillings. Children tend to love sugary foods and this can be very dangerous to the teeth if it is not minimized or taken with care.  Children can also damage their teeth during sports activities. Getting protective mouth guards for your children would protect their teeth in case of dental accidents that may occur. You can get protective mouth guards from the kids dentist near you. However, if your child gets involved in an accident where he or she has suffered a damaged tooth, you can take your child to a pediatric dentist in Lancaster.


Dental fillings and dental crowns are both restorative dental procedures that dentist often use in restoring teeth structure. However, they both have their differences and strength.

Dental Fillings are best used when the patient doesn’t require too many fillings. In cases where the patient’s tooth isn’t strong or healthy enough, fillings might not be very effective. They are only effective in filling small holes caused by tooth decays and small chipped or cracked teeth.

Dental crowns, on the other hand, are used to replace a missing tooth or cover a damaged tooth. They can be used to restore a tooth that requires large filling or covering.

Dental fillings are not used to cover stained teeth. However, dental crowns can be used to cover a stained tooth that cannot be treated with teeth whitening. There are dental crowns that look like natural teeth thereby making them the best options in covering tooth discoloration.

Dental fillings can be used during root canal therapy. When a patient’s tooth roots are infected, the dentist can clean and disinfect the tooth by performing root canal therapy. After the dead tissues inside the tooth’ root have been gotten rid of, the dentist can fill up the area with fillings to prevent additional infections from getting into the tooth’ roots.

Dental crowns on the hand are used to strengthen the teeth after a root canal treatment has been carried out.  After a root canal treatment, the teeth might not be as strong as they used to be. The dentist can then recommend dental crown placements to make the teeth stronger against additional damages.

You can either decide to use a crown or dental fillings. Also, if you have had a dental crown placement on just one tooth or multiple teeth, you can still get dental fillings on another tooth that needs filling. Dental crowns and dental fillings are both useful in completing your dental structure. Our specialist in Lancaster Pediatric Dentistry can help you. Book an appointment now!

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