Does My Child Require Dental Sealants?

Feb 01, 2023

Children develop their first tooth by age one and have their mouth bacteria creating tooth decay from the very moment. Although you may not realize it, children are vulnerable to dental issues from a young age. While the pediatric dental office in Lancaster recommends caring for your child’s teeth appropriately by cleaning them and using some preventive measures, they only suggest remedies once your child’s molars start erupting at around six or seven.

The pediatric dentist will recommend dental sealants on children’s teeth when they observe them as a preventive measure against tooth decay and cavities developing on children’s teeth. Cavities generally form on the molars because it is challenging to clean pits and fissures that allow food particles and bacteria to remain trapped. Dentists recommend creating a smoother surface on the molars, making them softer to clean to avoid the entrapment of food particles to cut the fuel mouth bacteria needed to feed and erode tooth enamel. Dental sealants help prevent unnecessary exposure to deal with cavities by preventing them from occurring on your child’s molars.

Whether you want to expose your child to the vagaries of tooth decay and other mouth infections is entirely your decision. However, if you want to avoid frequent visits to the pediatric dentist requesting treatments for your child’s dental pain, it makes better sense for you to decide your child needs dental sealants and have them get dental sealants in Lancaster, SC before they develop complications in their teeth.

When Should My Child Get Dental Sealants?

The Lancaster pediatric dentist suggests getting your child dental sealants soon after they notice molars in the child’s mouth at ages six and 12. Early prevention is recommended because children are prone to tooth decay, and even with excellent brushing and flossing, they can miss their back molars or avoid brushing them altogether. This is why molars become vulnerable to cavities developing on them and creating pain in your child’s mouth, causing them to report lost school hours and need frequent appointments with dentists to seal damaged teeth. Under the circumstances, isn’t it beneficial to have a preventive measure on your child’s teeth to avoid cavities as best as possible using an affordable therapy to prevent them? You will undoubtedly grab the opportunity to get dental sealants from the kid’s dentist near me when they suggest that treatment.

How Are Dental Sealants Used?

Dental sealants are best used as a preventive measure applied on the molars before tooth decay creates any damage by eroding tooth enamel. Mouth bacteria are better stopped in their tracks before they do irreversible damage to your child’s tooth by getting children a simple and straightforward dental sealant therapy that helps keep their molars safe against 80 percent of cavities for two years after the initial application and continues the protection for another four against 50 percent of holes. The sealants remain on the teeth for approximately a decade, although there vulnerable to chipping and cracking, making it essential to schedule six monthly appointments with dentists to examine them and reapply if needed.

What Happens If You Avoid Sealants for Your Child?

You will regret your decision not to get dental sealants on your child’s molars the day you notice your child complaining about pain when eating and refusing to participate in everyday activities because of tooth pain. Your child’s situation will compel you to rush them to the pediatric dentist to check what’s wrong with their mouth.

If the pediatric dentist notices even one cavity in their molars, they recommend filling it right away to prevent the condition from aggravating. Filling one hole in it costs two or three times the prices of dental sealants besides the cost of the dental appointment and other materials used during the filling procedure. Your appointment with your child with the pediatric dentist will make you regret not considering the dentist’s recommendation to seal your child’s teeth with dental sealants to prevent cavity occurrence.

Please do not presume children can safeguard their back teeth against mouth bacteria or prevent food particles from remaining trapped in them. Children are frequently enjoying themselves on sugary and starchy stuff that can remain trapped in the molars, making them a breeding ground for infections. Therefore the best method is to prevent cavities by getting your child’s back teeth sealed soon as they erupt to avoid complications in your child’s mouth and denting your wallet with high dental bills.

Kids First Dental — Lancaster recommends dental sealants on children’s molars soon after they develop at ages 6 and 12 to prevent cavities. Consult them if your child is growing up to avoid tooth decay in their mouths by getting dental sealants on their teeth.

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