How Long Does a Fluoride Treatment Last?

Dec 01, 2022

A healthy smile is important to your child. It gives them the confidence to socialize and helps avoid issues related to poor oral health. One of the methods dentists use to maintain a healthy smile is fluoride treatments. Read on about fluoride treatments and why you should take your child to the kid’s dentist near you.

What Are Fluoride Treatments?

Fluoride is a useful mineral found in soil, water, and certain foods. It strengthens teeth and decreases the risk of tooth decay. In addition, it will remineralize the enamel reversing early caries. That is why it is found in most kinds of toothpaste and mouthwashes. However, the amount found in these products is small and cannot effectively prevent tooth decay and cavities.

Therefore, the dentist at the pediatric dental office in Lancaster provides some extra fluoride to kids. They apply fluoride varnish on the child’s teeth in a simple procedure that takes less than an hour. The mineral hardens when it comes into contact with saliva and will last for four to six hours on teeth. Kids should get fluoride treatments at least twice a year for better efficacy.

Is Fluoride Safe for Kids?

Yes, fluoride is safe for your child. Fluoride does not pose any risks to your child unless they are exposed to it in excessive amounts. When used in excess, it may lead to dental fluorosis resulting in white spots on teeth. In addition, excessive use over several years leads to skeletal fluorosis.

Fortunately, this cannot happen during fluoride treatment in Lancaster. The dentist regulates the amount used during the application. They also take precautions to ensure the child does not ingest the fluoride. In addition, after the process, they will help you avoid possible side effects of excess fluoride.

For example, they will instruct you to avoid fluoride treatments for the next three days. They will also recommend the correct amount of fluoride supplements you should give your child. It will depend on the amount of fluoride in your tap water, age, and caries risk. You should store fluoride products away from kids to avoid accidental ingestion.

What Can You Not Do after Fluoride Treatments?

Although fluoride treatments are non-invasive, there are things the kid should avoid afterwards. For example, they should not consume anything for half an hour following a fluoride treatment. Also, they must avoid hot or cold foods and drinks after the procedure. This is due to the expected tooth sensitivity.

Although oral hygiene is important, do not let kids brush or floss for six hours after the process. Doing so will clear the fluoride before it works properly on the teeth. Instead, help them brush and floss to clear residual fluoride off their teeth afterwards. Also, ensure they avoid using alcoholic mouthwash for six hours post-treatment.

In addition, the kids’ dentist in Lancaster advises parents not to give kids fluoride supplements after the process. Extreme exposure to fluoride can harm your child’s teeth leading to dental fluorosis. Therefore, wait until the third day before administering fluoride supplements or other treatments.

How Long after a Fluoride Treatment Can I Eat?

After the fluoride treatment, the kids’ dentist in 29720 recommends waiting for 30 minutes before eating. Also, they should not drink anything during that period. The short duration allows the fluoride to be absorbed and start repairing your teeth. Eating anything earlier than the designated time interferes with absorption. This decreases the fluoride’s efficacy.

Once it is appropriate for them to drink and eat, do not give them hot or cold things. They will experience discomfort since their teeth will be sensitive to extreme temperatures. Fortunately, tooth sensitivity will ease after a few hours. However, notify the pediatric dentist if the sensation persists. They will prescribe toothpaste to alleviate the sensitivity.

Tell them to avoid hard, crunchy, or spicy foods for six hours after treatment. In addition, they should avoid sugary, alcoholic, or highly acidic beverages immediately afterwards. Instead, give them soft foods and soups.

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