How Often Should Kids Receive Dental Exams and Cleanings?

Oct 13, 2022

It is crucial for you to select an experienced kids dentist near you to benefit your child’s dental health because children’s dentists treat your family as their own and offer comprehensive and gentle dental care. In addition, the kid’s dentist nearby provides extensive information about your child’s oral health besides the need for six monthly dental exams and cleanings at a practice in your locality to schedule convenient appointments whenever you are free.

Visiting a specialized pediatric dental office in Lancaster might scare you thinking they might charge extra fees for the six monthly exams and cleanings they recommend. Instead, you might consider visiting your general dentist, thinking they can do no harm to your child’s dental health, especially when they haven’t developed all their teeth or still have baby teeth falling out.

You realize you are committing a grave error after receiving information that children’s dentists receive additional training after completing four years in dental school and can manage all children, including those with special needs. Your general dentist might recommend they might not provide services similar to children’s dentists because they don’t have the additional education or the experience to manage children’s dental issues.

Benefits of Regular Dental Exam and Cleaning for Kids

Children with developing teeth have different needs than adults, and their requirements are better identified by the kid’s dentist in Lancaster than other dental professionals in the locality. When you take your kid for the six-monthly dental exams and cleanings, the dental professional checks your child’s mouth for tooth decay and cavities between their teeth. X-rays are also taken to determine their jaw growth and permanent teeth to ensure they are emerging correctly.

If pediatric dentists observe misalignments with the jaw or crooked teeth developing, they recommend interventional orthodontics to correct problems in the child’s mouth early or prepare you financially and mentally for treatments your child might need later.

Registered pediatric dental hygienists cleaning your child’s teeth eliminate plaque on and between your teeth and below the gum line. In addition, the hygienist teaches your child proper brushing and flossing techniques to help them maintain appropriate dental hygiene. The cleaning session also helps the hygienist to polish your child’s teeth to make them appear brighter and whiter and finally give your child a fluoride treatment to help strengthen tooth enamel in their battle against cavities.

Children favoring sticky foods and beverages are chronic to tooth decay and cavities and receive the help they need to prevent early decay from progressing into significant problems from the kid’s dentist 29720. Not receiving the dental exams and cleanings make your kids vulnerable to problems you expected would not happen because children’s teeth fall out, making way for permanent teeth to emerge. However, do you know the consequences of premature tooth loss in children? If not, we suggest you continue reading for more information on this subject.

The Consequences of Premature Tooth Loss in Children

Premature tooth loss in children because of decay or injuries has a set of consequences that you will find difficult to confront and challenging to treat because of the considerable expenditures associated with dental treatments.

Premature tooth loss prevents your child from nourishing themselves because they find it challenging to bite or chew foods and swallow large chunks to become victims of indigestion. In addition, the blank spots in their mouth become breeding grounds for food particles to remain trapped for the mouth bacteria to enjoy themselves and create infections like cavities and gum disease.

Your child’s remaining teeth start drifting towards the blank spots to create a misalignment in their mouth to need orthodontic treatments at high prices. You can avoid these consequences or their expenditure by scheduling six monthly appointments with the pediatric dentist for exams and cleanings for your child to benefit mentally and financially from these procedures.

During dental appointments for exams and cleanings, you also receive information on the diet your child can have or must avoid. For example, dentists recommend giving your child healthy alternatives like crunchy fruits and vegetables as substitutes for sugary foods and beverages to provide their teeth with the vitamins and minerals needed to keep them healthy. Dentists evaluating your child’s dental health also recommend fluoride treatments and dental sealants as preventive measures against cavities developing on children’s molars.

For dental exams and cleanings, six monthly appointments are standard for everyone, including children. However, if your child is prone to tooth decay, the dentist might suggest quarterly meetings to ensure freedom for your child from dental infections and you from considerable expenditure from intensive treatments if required by the child.

Kids First Dental — Lancaster recommends half-yearly dental appointments for exams and cleanings for children. However, if you haven’t scheduled appointments for your kid for dental prophylaxis, kindly do not hesitate to contact this practice to enable your child to benefit from this procedure.

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