How to Take Good Care of Your Braces during Covid-19?

Jul 01, 2020

Ever since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, many have been left with questions about traditional braces care. The braces had been installed before the coronavirus pandemic created panic among everyone. The most common issue in the minds of wearers of traditional braces is how to handle braces wires, which regularly poke them in the mouth to cause discomfort.

Some tips are provided by the American Association of orthodontists to manage orthodontic problems at home. However, if you are experiencing pain and believe you may need emergency care, you can always contact Kids First Dental. Our dental professionals will help you to determine whether you need urgent treatment and provide guidance on the steps to follow. In the meanwhile, here are some tips for maintaining appropriate orthodontic care during this extraordinary time.

Maintaining dental hygiene with braces is a topic on which wearers would have been instructed when the braces were installed in their mouths. It would be great if they can continue following the advice of their orthodontist. They must brush their teeth at least three times every day with fluoride toothpaste, floss, and use a mouth rinse without exceptions. You can also use the following tips to take good care of your braces during Covid-19.

A Proper Diet Is Essential When Wearing Braces

Please be mindful of your nutrition when wearing braces and appliances. You must avoid sticky and hard foods that can increase the chances of breaking something. It is crucial that you follow the advice of your orthodontist on the foods you can have or can’t while these orthodontic appliances are in your mouth.

Rubber Bands

Orthodontists will not be able to see you for regular adjustments. However, they can help to ensure your treatment time is not extended by continuing to wear rubber bands daily. If you are running short of them, you can call your orthodontist, leaving your full name and contact details with confidence that someone will reach out to you.


Your first line of defense against minor discomforts like poking braces wires by the orthodontic appliance is wax. If you are running out of wax that you received when beginning the treatment, it can be purchased from most drugstores.

Broken Brackets

It would be best if you did not worry about a broken bracket delaying the time of your treatment. The problem can be corrected once the operating hours of the orthodontist return to normal. However, if a bracket is broken and is hurting your cheek, the wax is again your first line of defense. Wax can also help to stabilize broken brackets. If you find it unsuccessful, you can contact your orthodontist for guidance. You must, however, understand that according to guidelines of the ADA, the orthodontist will not be fixing broken brackets at this time.

Broken Or Lost Retainers

Your retainers need care just like your braces. Please do not remove the retainers from the front as they can crack. Do not leave them unattended if you have pets at home. Damaged or misplaced retainers do not qualify for emergency care in the recommendations of the ADA. Therefore Dr. Lindsey Koerich, the dentist in Lancaster, cannot guarantee replacements in the current situation.

Actions to Take in Dental Emergencies

We can offer many reasons why it is best to contact a dental professional instead of visiting the local emergency room. In the present situation, it is particularly essential to keep hospital beds available for Covid-19 patients. It is significantly critical for you to remember that if you are experiencing pain related to the traditional braces or other appliances and need emergency dental care, you must contact your dental professional in the first place.

As your braces had been installed over six months ago and the coronavirus pandemic only began spreading from January 2020, you may have become accustomed to having the appliance in your mouth. You may have been following the advice of your orthodontist to achieve the best results from the braces. You can use the tips mentioned in this blog in the event of any emergency but follow them stringently if you want to care for your braces appropriately until dental practices open for business all over again.

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