Dr. Lindsey Koerich Orthodontist

Dr. Lindsey Koerich is no ordinary orthodontist. She places great importance on getting to know her patients on a personal level. She can tell you so many stories of her patients that she could go on all day if she wanted to. When she’s here at Kids First Dentistry, her mission is clear: to give kids from a young age to their teen years the best in orthodontic care, so their teeth are straighter and perfect from start to finish. As an orthodontist, she never disappoints. She always sees a smile on her patients once they have completed their treatment. When they’re happy, Dr. Lindsey is happy as well. It’s no wonder why she loves her job.

When she’s outside the office, she has another reason to smile. In her spare time, she spends time with her husband Dr. Leo Koerich and their two kids, Annelise and Luca. At home, you can find her cooking something good for her and the family. Yet, she never turns down the idea of traveling. Where will her next adventure be? We never know, but she’ll always have a story when she gets back to the office.

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