10 Steps to Protect Your Kid’s Teeth from Cavities

Mar 01, 2019

Have you ever experienced the pain of a cavity? If you have, you surely don’t want to put your children through this pain. In order to ensure they never have to feel the searing pain of a cavity, there are many ways to protect their teeth from damage or decay. Your pediatric dentist near you can help you and your kids care for their teeth and teach you the proper ways to do so as they age. Let’s take a look through ten different ways to protect your children’s teeth from cavities below.

Start Brushing as a Baby

From birth, your baby can benefit from brushing. While they may not have grown teeth yet, sugar from breastmilk can accumulate on the gums of your kids and cause oral issues.

Reduce Their Sugar Intake

Sugar can sit on your kid’s teeth and eat away at their enamel over time. To protect their teeth from decay, limit the amount of sugar and juices they consume daily.

Take their Bottle and Binky Away Young

Weaning your baby from their bottle and pacifier at a young age can help prevent cavities. Sugar and bacteria can easily grow on these materials and keeping them in their mouth could lead to many oral problems over time.

Brush After Every Meal

Brushing your child’s teeth 30 minutes after every meal can reduce the sugar and plaque buildup on their teeth. These materials lead to cavities, so removing them will help your children’s teeth.

Only Allow Sugar-Free Gum

If your child has reached the age of chewing gum, only allow them to chew sugar-free gum. Sugared gum can add unnecessary sugar into their mouth, causing buildup and potential cavities.

Don’t Share Utensils

You have different bacteria in your mouth than your children, and sharing utensils can add your bacteria into their mouth which causes long-term issues in their mouth.

Bring them to a Dentist when their First Tooth Sprouts

When you see your child’s first tooth sprout from their gums, take them to the dentist. This way, you’ll be able to proactively care for their teeth as they come out.

Use Fluoride Supplements

When brushing your children’s teeth, it’s smart to use fluoride supplements. Fluoride provides strength to your kids’ teeth and can ensure proper growth and strength, preventing cavities.

Only Visit a Pediatric Dentist

Instead of visiting your typical family dentist, a pediatric dentist is more familiar with kids’ mouths and can care for them specifically.

Don’t Worry

The best thing to do when dealing with your children’s oral health is to relax and don’t be afraid. Your kids will feed off of any fear you may have and feel nervous or anxious about their appointment.

Be Happy!

The best way to provide your child with excellent oral care and health is by being happy and teaching them the best ways to care for their teeth. Bringing your kids to Kids First Dental, a pediatric dentist in Lancaster, will ensure your children’s oral health is as great as can be and cavities are non-existent. Dentists in 29720 can help you through the process of your child’s growing teeth!

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