Infant Teething Remedies: What Might Help—And What to Avoid

May 07, 2018

It can be hard to watch as your child’s first teeth begin to erupt. They’ll be in discomfort and pain, and there’s little that we can do. Or is there?

In fact, there are quite a few things you can do to help your child at this sensitive time. There are also many things to avoid. It can be difficult to separate the best medicine out of the noise, so Kids First Dental has everything you need to know about proper care for children who are teething.

What to do

There is a range of options available that you can choose to keep your child happy, healthy, and comfortable while teething. Make sure keep them in mind before and during the teething process. Preparation is key!

  • Massage: Rub your baby’s sensitive gums with a washed finger, or use a piece of gauze. Don’t overdo it! Just a little bit of pressure is all that’s needed.
  • Chewing: Make sure to shop for BPA-free teething toys.
  • Provide cool relief: Put a solid teether in the refrigerator, but absolutely avoid the freezer, as your baby’s mouth and gums are too sensitive for extreme cold, and this may cause damage!
  • Provide comfort food: Switch the solid foods up with cold applesauce and other easy to eat purees.
  • Provide skin care: While you’re focusing on the gums, don’t forget that teething causes drooling, which in turn will cause rashes and chaffing. Make sure to keep their face free from drool by wiping with a gentle cloth. Keep it clean, too!

What not to do

While taking decisive action with the above steps will help your child feel better, there are also things you should definitely not do, or to watch out for. Again, make sure you understand everything before your child’s teeth start to come in! Prevention of problems is key, and preparedness is what makes prevention possible!

  • What goes in: Toxic teething products, frozen teething products, or products filled with liquids or jelly-like substances may break. Remember, your child has teeth coming in, and whether you expect it or not, they can chew! Provide only solid items.
  • Size-appropriate: Too small, and your baby may choke. Keep toys large enough to prevent choking, but not too large that they’re not comfortable. This goes for the parts, too. Make sure nothing can break off.
  • Be careful with medicine: Many over-the-counter medicines contain certain substances designed to reduce pain. While these are generally safe, be very careful, as some children may have bad reactions to these substances, such as benzocaine. Always know what you are putting in your child’s mouth, and discuss your options with your pediatric dentist.

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