5 Important Preventive Dentistry Treatments for Kids

Aug 16, 2019

Parents often ignore the fact that their children could also have badly impacted teeth. Children need double, if not the same, level of care when it comes to dental healthcare. Look up the following points before approaching a kid’s dentist near you:

Dental Sealants

These translucent materials, which hold great similarity to plastic, are easily spread over the teeth of your children to save cavities from building and spreading. These are especially applied to teeth with deep ridges so that the sealants stay in place. As per pediatric dentist 29720, it takes mere two minutes per tooth for the sealant to harden and cover properly. Once it hardens around the teeth, food never comes in direct contact with the child’s teeth and hence, saves it from cavities.

Fluoride Treatments are Underrated Preventative Dentistry Treatments for Kids

Fluoride strengthens our teeth and that’s the reason why it is ever-present in every dental equipment. Pediatric Dentist in Lancaster SC say that these strong teeth don’t get affected by acid and bacteria as easily as normal teeth.

Teeth Cleanings

Just like adults, even children need two cleaning in a year. In their case, it becomes a little more important as they are more prone to eat sweets and acidic beverages, while also not brushing their teeth properly. Pediatric Dentist in Lancaster could give the appropriate consultation for your child.

Space Maintainers

These specialized dental appliances comprise of both- plastic as well as metal. These space maintainers are a must for your child after he/she loses a tooth, so that the other teeth don’t start shifting from their place until the new one comes. It won’t take more than a week for your child to adjust to it.

Mouth Guards

Most of the pediatrics recommend mouth guards while playing sports so that the kids don’t break or damage their teeth and gums. These are specifically made to suit your child’s mouth.

I recently took my child to a kids dentist near me and came to know that he had plaque around his teeth. Thankfully the problem got solved easily. Approach a pediatric dentist near you immediately to make sure your child doesn’t have to suffer later in his/her life.

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