How Can Orthodontic Treatments Improve Your Health?

Aug 01, 2019

There are over four million people in USA who have worn braces at some point in their life. Though most commonly used for straightening the teeth, they can be used for various other reasons as well. According to the Lancaster pediatric dentistry, improper alignment creates issues with chewing and eating and may affect the quality of life in many ways.

It has been observed that certain causes of breathing issues, sleep apnea, and speech impediments can be treated with orthodontic procedure. Let’s have a detailed look at how orthodontic treatment can help your child’s oral health.

Breathing Problems

If the roof of the mouth known as the palate is too narrow, it can cause breathing issues. Usually, a person breathes through their mouth, but a narrow palate makes it difficult, so the person will need to keep the mouth open for breathing. This can lead to airborne colds and viruses. Mouth breathing can also lead to sleep apnea and decay in mouth in the long run. Orthodontic treatment can help in overcoming the situation, says the pediatric dentist in 29720.

Teeth Grinding

There are many reasons why your child can grind his/ her teeth. It’s important to correct the cause of tooth grinding. If the alignment issue is causing teeth grinding, an orthodontic treatment can help, says the Pediatric Dentist in Lancaster, SC. Teeth grinding can make the teeth, face, and jaw sensitive and painful.

Speech Impediments

Speech impediments can also be caused because of poor alignment. Correct formation of sound is prevented by underbite and overbite. It not only creates difficulty in speaking, but also leads to lower self- image. Apart from a speech therapist, an orthodontic treatment can help significantly, says the Lancaster kid’s orthodontic.

Craniofacial Disorders

The disorders such as cleft palate and cleft lip can have an impact on your teeth and mouth. A child with craniofacial disorders is treated by a team of specialists, including pediatric dentist and orthodontist. The treatment usually begins during infancy and continues throughout the adolescence. A good orthodontic treatment can help in overcoming the craniofacial disorders in your child.

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