Choosing the Right Mouthguard for Kids With Braces

Jun 16, 2019

If your child has braces, we, the pediatric dentists at 29720 , help you customize the perfect mouth guard for your child. Here’s a step by step process on how to go about making that decision.

Why Custom Fit Matters

The mouthguards that are available around might be cheap, but they do not offer the protection your child needs. Some of them could even damage the teeth and harm them. Whereas, a fully custom mouthguard designed by your Pediatric Dentist in Lancaster SC will take care of your teeth and braces. It is made specifically to cater to the needs of your child.

Don’t Go Too Tight

One major suggestion we at Kids First Dental give you and your child is that don’t go too tight on the mouthguards. Just because it is tightly fitting doesn’t mean it is a good mouthgaurd. It is essential that there is some space left between your braces and the guard.

Talking and Breathing

While playing sports your child should be absolutely comfortable so as to focus on the game. Make sure he/she is able to do that with the mouthguard. One way to check this is to see if your child is able to consume liquid while wearing the mouthguard. If your child is unable to do so, it is probably a good time to look for a good dentist to help you with your needs.

Bottom Mouthguard

Mostly athletes use top mouthguards to protect their teeth while playing sports. It is advisable in any case that one must use both, top as well as bottom mouthguards. Most sports related injuries take place on the upper teeth, but we are talking about children with braces. Even the slightest cut or bruise could lead to bleeding or injury. They need to be extra cautious as any mouth injury could harm them and cause permanent damage to the teeth or the gums. If you are looking for the perfect mouthguards in Lancaster,SC , Kids First Dental is the place to go for the perfect advice and get the mouthguards for your kids custom made to their needs and requirements.

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