7 Infant Teeth Care Tips to Keep the Baby’s Mouth Healthy

Jun 01, 2019

There’s a common misconception amongst parents that baby or milk teeth don’t matter much, but it’s far from the truth. They not only shape the jaw, but also decide how the adult teeth will be spaced and arranged, says the pediatric dentist in 29720.

Start cleaning the baby’s mouth before the teeth come out

Even before your baby’s teeth erupt, you must wipe their gums with a wet soft cloth after each meal. Wrap the cloth around the finger and gently wipe the gum.

Start caring for baby teeth as soon as they erupt

The first teeth appear between the ages of 6 to 12 months. By the time they turn 3, they will have almost 20 teeth, says Pediatric Dentist in Lancaster, SC. When the first tooth erupts, start gently brushing their teeth, twice a day.

Do not let the baby sleep with a bottle

Babies may find comfort, in sleeping with a bottle in their mouth but it can lead to the growth of bacteria in the mouth which can cause tooth decay.

Be on the lookout for tooth decay

If you notice any signs of tooth decay such as brown or white spots on the enamel, you must take the baby immediately to a dentist for kids.

Phase out the bottle with a cup

To prevent the tongue from pushing the teeth forward, the sucking motion of using a bottle or a pacifier should be stopped as the baby gets older. At six months, you should start developing their habit to drink from a cup.

Wean the baby off the pacifier

If the baby is not interested in a pacifier, it’s great and don’t force it on them. However, if the baby likes pacifiers, get an orthodontic model and wean the baby off the pacifier as early as possible.

Keep the baby from developing a sweet tooth

Babies are not born with a sweet tooth so try not to give them too many sweet items. Don’t give them sugary drinks and juices and choose plain water instead.

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