What Can a Fluoride Treatment Do for My Teeth?

May 16, 2019

Tooth decay is caused by bacteria which are formed around teeth and gums known as plaque. Improper oral hygiene can cause serious dental problems. Pediatric dentist in 29720 provides fluoride treatment for good oral care.

There are a few things you need to know about this treatment.

What is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a natural mineral which is found in some kind foods and water. It neutralizes the acid produced by the bacteria. Depending on the risk of tooth decay or its causes, Lancaster pediatric dentist will prescribe the best type of fluoride treatment.They are of two types-

1. Topical Fluoride

It is a home remedy which involves the use of fluoridated toothpaste and rinsing mouth every day.

2. Systemic Fluoride

It is swallowed as a liquid or tablets such as fluoridated water and dietary supplements that you can take regularly.

Why You Need a Fluoride Therapy

The amount of fluoride in the body may not be enough to prevent the attack of acid-producing bacteria around the tooth enamel and gums. Pediatric dentist in Lancaster provides a fluoride treatment to strengthen your enamel against bacteria attack. This could lead to-

  • Gum disease
  • Repeated cavity problem
  • Dry mouth

Benefits of Fluoride in Dental Treatment

Fluoride is a natural mineral which is used to-

  • Restore a damaged surface of tooth enamel
  • Prevents dental cavities
  • Stops the growth of bacteria harmful to dental health

Pediatric dentist in Lancaster, SC says fluoride is effective in preventing cavities and tooth decay by coating your teeth. It prevents plaque from building up and hardening on the tooth’s surface. Therefore, fluoride treatments can be used to correct dental problems in both adults and children.

Fluoridated water will provide a topical solution which is mixed with your saliva and helps to rebuild tooth enamel damaged by bacteria. Fluoride treatment comes in various forms which include gels, mouth rinses, supplements, or foam. To determine the best treatment and the duration require completing the therapy visit a pediatric dentist near you.

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