If Your Child Is Undergoing Orthodontic Treatments White Lesions Can Be Expected

Nov 01, 2019

Have you invested upwards of $5000 to straighten the teeth of your child to ensure he or she has the perfect smile? Has the day arrived for the braces provided by the pediatric dentist in West Lancaster SC to finally be removed? While you and your child would be excited at the prospect you should also be prepared to notice some white lesions left behind by the orthodontic treatment.

You may be disappointed after going through tremendous patience and expense to straighten the smile of your child and observe discoloration when the braces finally come off. You may believe the orthodontist in Lancaster SC has not done a proper job but the reasons for the discoloration is entirely different. It is a problem which should be anticipated when opting for orthodontic treatments in the form of braces.

Do the Braces Cause The Lesions In Your Child’s Mouth?

Many reasons are attributed to the lesions caused by orthodontic treatments in your child’s mouth but none of them can be attributed to braces. You must understand that traditional braces have a complex design containing brackets and wires capable of trapping food to lead to the buildup of bacteria to form plaque. The lesions you observe would have been caused by the plaque-forming in the crevices which are difficult to reach.

Wearing braces subjects your child to certain difficulties especially when they attempt to remove the plaque which creates acids that hold on to the enamel. This phenomenon changes the way the surface of the tooth reflects light to result in ungainly white lesions in areas that are difficult to reach. Plaque can increase the risk of tooth decay and gum disease until the braces remain in the mouth.

Methods To Prevent The White Lesions

Practicing proper dental hygiene regularly is important but when children are wearing braces and finding it difficult to remove the plaque. They should be more careful to follow the best methods to prevent staining. Some suggestions we provide are mentioned below:

  • It would help if certain foods and drinks are eliminated from the diet of the child particularly foods that are sugary or starchy, sodas and high acid fruit drinks.
  • Brushing and flossing after every meal is an essential requirement for attacking the germs that are ruining the appearance of the tooth. Care must be taken to ensure the child brushes after 30 minutes of having a meal. This is to allow the enamel in the mouth to settle giving time to the saliva to wash away the acids left behind by food.
  • To remove the buildup of tartar which cannot be eliminated by brushing and flossing we suggest regular dental cleanings.

Children that are susceptible to plaque developing on the biting surfaces of the teeth will benefit from having a sealant applied before the braces are placed in their mouth. The pediatric dentist near you will be happy to provide you information about this matter.

Actions You Can Take After The Braces Are Removed

When the treatment is finally over and the braces have been removed the pediatric dentist in West Lancaster SC may recommend waiting for six months before acting to remove the white lesions. It has been observed that saliva by itself can reduce the intensity of these lesions when it reaches the surfaces of the tooth that were earlier covered by braces. However, if you observe the lesions remaining in the mouth of your child even after some time has passed you can use over-the-counter tooth whitening products for effective results. You can also request the pediatric dentist in 29720 to offer professional whitening processes such as in-office whitening which will help to remove the stains after one or two treatments.

Children and adults opting for orthodontic treatments to improve their smile must anticipate the problems of white lesions being left behind on their teeth when the braces being used are removed. This is a common problem which affects everyone wearing traditional braces and is not a major cause for concern. The reason for contacting the orthodontist in Lancaster SC would have been to improve the teeth of the child as well as the smile. The white lesions are just a side effect of the orthodontic treatment that can be removed easily.

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