Prevent The Ignominy Of Being Called A Bad Parent Just Because Your Child Needs Dental Fillings

Dec 01, 2019

Would you feel proud to state before your friends that your child has tooth decay? Chances are you would want to avoid making the statement and wonder why or how your child developed the decay in his or her mouth. You may be the subject of sympathetic gestures by your friends if you make the disclosure and may even receive advise to visit the pediatric dentist in 29720 to evaluate the mouth of your child.

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What Can You Do In These Conditions?

Children use a set of teeth they eventually lose by the time they are around six years old. However, the teeth need to be cared for to survive until their permanent teeth erupt. It helps to ensure the proper growth of the permanent teeth with sufficient space being available. It is the reason why oral hygiene is being given importance the moment baby teeth begin to erupt. As a parent, it will be your responsibility to teach oral hygiene habits to your child. These are tough situations because the child can be uncooperative with oral hygiene habits and develop cavities despite your best efforts. You could be perplexed about what you should do when your child develops cavities in the mouth. However, if you make an effort to understand that cavity care for children is no different from adults you will decide to take the child to a pediatric dentist in Lancaster, SC, to have the problem rectified.

Baby Teeth Can Be Filled By Pediatric Dentists

Baby teeth generally fall off by the time the child is around six years old but they still need to be preserved until the permanent teeth of the child erupt. Some children develop cavities by the age of two and in such cases, the pediatric dentist near you may suggest filling the cavities just as they do with adult teeth. The dentist may also prefer to drill out the cavities in baby teeth for the filling or a crown as needed. The primary teeth are helpful for the adult teeth to come in properly. Under the circumstances, losing the primary teeth before that adult teeth are ready to erupt is not considered suitable for the child’s mouth.

Tooth Decay Is Not the Only Reason Why Your Child May Need Fillings

Just because your child is recommended dental fillings it does not mean that he or she is suffering from tooth decay. The child could have a cracked tooth that requires a dental filling. Issues of other types like misshapen teeth, underdeveloped teeth, and teeth with chips also need attention which could be in the form of crowns to provide them with the correction needed to be damaged or misshapen teeth.

Extraction May Be a Requirement At Times

Providing dental care for children makes it necessary to make an effort to preserve their baby teeth. This is because there is a need to maintain sufficient space for adult teeth to come in. However, the dentist will have no options but to extract the baby tooth early if the decay has advanced and is causing problems for your child. Dentists regularly fill up the gap from where that tooth was extracted with a prosthetic for maintaining the space needed for the adult teeth to come in.

How Many Dental Fillings Can The Child Receive In One Sitting?

Dentists that are offering dental fillings in Lancaster, SC, prefer to attend to all cavities at the same time but sometimes may do just a single cavity. The problem dentists face is not with the cavities but the children because some are willing to sit in the dentist chair for long periods while others are not cooperative. The dentists will be attempting the best outcome for the child but if multiple appointments are needed to fill cavities you will have no options but to schedule additional appointments. It is difficult to provide quality oral care to uncooperative children because it can also make you anxious about the treatment.

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Discussing with the pediatric dentist in Lancaster, SC will be a better option for you about your child’s first dental filling. The dentists will put you at ease by developing a treatment plan suitable for you and your child. It will be aiming to preserve your child’s baby teeth until he or she begins to develop permanent teeth. You may also receive advice on how important it is for you as a parent to impart education to your child about proper oral hygiene and the need to schedule regular appointments with the dentist for cleanings and exams to minimize dental fillings and more invasive care.

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