Orthodontics Saving You Money? Is That a Joke?

Aug 28, 2020

Dental professionals specializing in orthodontics are the experts in straightening malformed and crooked teeth. The most common orthodontic appliance by orthodontic specialists is braces, which is suitable for mild to complicated cases of orthodontic issues.

Metal and wire braces are not the most attractive appliances for straightening the teeth but unfortunately, are the most effective. Braces are priced between $ 3000 and $ 7500, which is a substantial sum for many Americans. We are saying orthodontics can save you money besides straightening your child’s teeth to allow him or her to have a gracious smile throughout their lives.

The statement we make could perplex you to wonder whether great discount plans are being offered for orthodontic treatment during the Covid-19 pandemic and may want to take advantage of the lower prices. However, we are not referring to lower costs provided by orthodontists for straightening your child’s teeth but are just suggesting methods by which it will be easy for you to save money on the child’s orthodontic treatment. Here are some techniques you can use to reduce the prices of orthodontic braces by using some basic but ethical practices.

Researching for Ways to Save Money on Orthodontics

If you want to benefit from savings on orthodontic braces for your child, you must begin researching for options not only using online sources but also talking to your employer to understand whether dental insurance is available to you and is providing orthodontic care. If you are lucky enough, you have an insurance plan which covers a portion of the costs of the braces up to 50 percent with a $ 1500 maximum per child. The benefit may not appear significant, but if you want braces for three children, you will find the insurance cover saving you plenty of money.

Starting Orthodontic Treatment Early

Beginning orthodontic treatment in the initial stages is the best way to avoid complicated and expensive procedures later on. You can schedule an appointment with your orthodontist the moment your child’s six-year-old molars began erupting to understand whether any problems are noticeable in the child’s mouth. Orthodontic consultations generally free of charge, and if a child doesn’t need braces, it gives you time to save money for orthodontic appliances.

Compare and Compare until You Drop

Do not rely on one orthodontist for the braces your child needs but make efforts to contact as many as possible who are offering free consultations. It is an opportunity for you to compare the prices they are offering, which invariably will be different from each other. Just ensure you are asking for the same type of treatment from every orthodontist.

Paying the Fees for the Braces up Front

An upfront payment often gets you a discount of 5 to 8 percent, which can be substantial if you have a couple of children who need orthodontic appliances. Asking for discounts will in no way harm your reputation but will only enhance the savings in your account.

Find a Dental School for the Treatment

Locate a school of dentistry having an orthodontic program. Dentistry schools with orthodontic programs often offer discounts of up to 50 percent of the costs of your child’s braces if the child receives the treatment from a student supervised by a dental professional. You can expect the appointments and the treatment period to be extended because the procedure is provided in a learning environment.

Flex Account Savings

If you have access to an FSA plan, it allows you to set aside $ 2500 every year before taxes for out of pocket medical expenses, including orthodontic treatments. If you can spread the therapy for over two years, you can use $ 5000 from the FSA funds to cover the bills. You may also benefit from tax savings by approximately 25 percent of the cost.

Payment Plans

If you are expected to spend approximately $ 15,000 for the orthodontic treatment of two children, it would be helpful if you inquired about payment plans offered by most orthodontists. Kids First Dental in Lancaster, SC, also has payment plans that you can avail when trying to cover for the costs of orthodontic appliances for your children. You will undoubtedly find several third-party payment plans being offered, most of whom charge interest, which will increase the costs of the treatment.

If you want to save money on orthodontic plans, it is indeed possible to do so with some ingenious thinking. All it takes is a little effort on your part to save a significant sum on the treatment without compromising on giving your child beautiful teeth and a smile for their lifetimes.

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